Faculty of Hairdressing & Fashion Design

Hairdressing course and Training is intended for all the trainees willing to pursue a career in hairdressing, and become true professionals. Hairdressing is one of the professions in which one can never have enough knowledge, and which requires constant improving. This is due to the fact that a hairdresser must always be aware of new trends and methods, which requires attending various seminars, and to never stop investing in knowledge and skills. This is why we’ve organized a high quality practice where everyone can acquire the knowledge necessary to embark on a professional career, where they can truly rely on themselves and their experience, and in which they will always be prepared to accept new modules for greater quality of work.


Course Title Level Course Duration Fee Per Semester
Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy Diploma 1 Year Ksh 18,000
Fashion Design & Garment Making Diploma 1 Year Ksh 15,000
Barbering Certificate 3 Months Ksh 13,500

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