9 Reasons why Beauty Therapy is a good career choice

  • 01Apr, 2021
    9 Reasons why Beauty Therapy is a good career choice

    Pursuing a career in Beauty Therapy

    The beauty therapy industry is booming, which means abundant job opportunities. Every day more and more students choose to study a beauty therapy course to kick-start their career.

    From facial treatments to nail care, there are many ways women and men try to look their best every day. If you study a beauty therapy course and can offer all these treatments and services, you will be opening yourself up to a career in high demand.

    But what are the other reasons beauty therapy is a good career choice? Let’s dig a little deeper into a career in beauty therapy.

    1.     A career in beauty therapy offers a variety

    Many people complain about their jobs. They never have enough money, it’s boring, the work environment sucks etc. If you are worried about pursuing a career that you don’t like, then you should consider becoming a beauty therapist.

    A career in beauty therapy offers great variety. Every day is different. You get to meet different people, talk about different things, and provide different treatments with every booking. One client may want acrylic nails, and another might come in for a deep tissue massage.

    As a beauty therapist, the more skills you have the more treatments or services you can offer. This means more bookings, more money and a workday filled with variety. 

    2.     You can work for yourself or for a company

    Beauty therapists have great career choices. They can work for themselves or for a company. If you are worried about financial security, get a job at a beauty salon. You won’t have to worry about where your next booking or salary is going to come from. You also won’t have to worry about where you are going to receive your clients.

    If you decide to work for yourself, ensure you have room to receive your clients. You should also pay attention to customer service. If you keep your clients happy and provide friendly and professional services, they will always come back.

    3.     The working hours are not that bad

    Beauty therapists are generally in control of their own working hours. Many beauty salons allow their staff to work shifts, which means you can work in the morning or afternoon or you can work a full day. You are in control of the lifestyle and the hours you want to work in a week. However, this is not always the case over the festive season. Some beauty salons tend to extend their operating hours over the festive season due to an increase in foot traffic. This can mean longer working hours but also a higher salary at the end of the month.

    When working for yourself, you will be in complete control of your working hours. You can decide what time of the day you start seeing clients and when you close. Freelance beauty therapists, however, are not always this lucky. They usually work normal hours during the week and see clients after hours and over the weekend. If earning extra money is important to you then this shouldn’t be a huge deal-breaker.  

    4.     A career in beauty therapy offers great job security

    If you look at the beauty therapy industry, you will see that businesses are growing and new therapists are constantly stepping into the industry, which means there are many job opportunities. Even with tight household budgets, it seems that people are still willing to pay a thousand hundred shillings on beauty treatments and their appearance.

    The bustling TV and film industry also contribute to this growing industry. Production companies are always looking for skilled makeup artists and therapists to work behind the scenes.

    5.     Take your beauty therapy skills with you

    As a skilled beauty therapist, you will be able to apply for a job anywhere in South Africa. Some beauty therapists are so good at what they do that they get job offers from the other side of the world. You can take your beauty therapy skills with you anywhere in the world.

    6.     You get to use your creativity

    There are not many jobs that allow you to use your creativity. A career in beauty therapy, however, does. Makeup artists, nail technicians and hairdressers have the freedom to use their creative flair, bold colours and styles on their clients. Makeup artistry is an art on its own and the nail artistry industry is constantly pushing boundaries by introducing new nail designs and techniques to the public.

    7.     Earn as much as you want

    Beauty therapists often get a basic salary + commission. This means that the more clients you see in a day the higher your salary is going to be at the end of the month. In large beauty salons, it can get competitive but if you give your clients great customer service, they will request that you help them the next time they pop in for a bit of pampering.

    Beauty therapists who work for themselves can also earn as much as they want. As soon as you have built a medium to

    a large client base who visits you on a monthly basis, you can walk away with great earnings at the end of each month. Remember, if you keep your clients happy, they will come back.

    8.     Help people feel positive about life again

    Beauty therapists have a special power and with that I mean they help us feel better sometimes. People who are overworked and stressed tend to book a massage to help ease the tensed muscles in the neck and back. Those who just want to break away from the everyday hustle and bustle will treat themselves to a new set of nails. If you’re having a bad skin breakout or flaky skin, who are you going to call? Your beauty therapist of course.

    Once you work with clients and you see how their moods change after you have done your magic, you will understand the power you have. It might not be superpowers, but you will still be helping people feel better about themselves.  

    9.     You can freelance

    Not all beauty therapists work full-time. Some of them are freelance makeup artists, nail technicians, massage therapists or lash and brow stylists. They usually have a full-time job and then offer beauty therapy services after hours and over the weekend for extra money. Some work from home and others have a mobile service where they drive to the client’s home.

    As you can see, a career in beauty therapy truly has much to offer. Not only does it offer a lot of job opportunities and the opportunity to boost your own income, but you can also easily start your own business; full time or freelance.

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