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Information Technology

The Transafric College Department of Information Technology is a new, dynamic, very competitive department, devoted to provide a highest level of education as well as best experience for the students.

Attending the courses within the information technology department study programme, the students will understand the principles of the systems development; they will be able to use their knowledge and apply it in the real life projects and gain knowledge and skills which enable them to face the changes of this discipline.

In addition to this, the students will benefit from the scientific researches realized during the lectures. This means that the students are not only taught the basic elements of the current course but also they are taught theories and advanced techniques which are on a revision level. Furthermore, there are developed the research activities of the students providing them to be included in projects for real clients an internships.

Information Technology Courses

Course Name Exam Body Duration Fee (Termly)
Information Communication Technology (I.C.T) KNEC 3 Years Ksh 12,000
Computer Engineering ABMA-UK 2 Years Ksh 12,000
Accounting Packages CSK 1 Month Ksh 3,000 Per Package
ICDL I.C.D.L 3 Months Ksh 25,000
Computer Packages CSK 2 Months Ksh 4,000
Computer Engineering ABMA-UK 1 Year Ksh 12,000
Information Communication Technology ABMA-UK 1 Year Ksh 12,000

Admission Requirements

Admission fee - Ksh 1,500
Exercise Books, Tshirt, Student 1D - Ksh 3,500
Copy of National ID & KCSE Result Slip
Two colored passports
1 Ream foolscaps & 1 Ream photocopy papers
Activity Fee - Ksh 1,000

Academic Requirements

Diploma: C+ (minus) & Above
Certificate: D (plain) & Above
Crafts/Artisan: D- (minus) & Below

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