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Course Overview

We offer full and part time courses in haircare, beauty therapy, fashion design & garment making. Encompassing the requisite theoretical and practical modules necessary to become a hair care practitioner.

Transafric College offers a complete Hairdressing course that will provide the learner with comprehensive intense training in all aspects of hairdressing to qualify on a National and an International level.  Practical and theoretical training is done on the premises by the facilitators.

Hairdressing & Fashion Design & Garment Making Courses

Course Name Exam Body Duration Fee (Termly)
Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy NITA 9 Months Ksh 13,500
Fashion Design & Garment Making NITA 9 Months Ksh 13,500
Nail Technology NITA 3 Months Ksh 13,500

Admission Requirements

Admission fee - Ksh 1,500
Exercise Books, Tshirt, Student 1D - Ksh 3,500
Copy of National ID & KCSE Result Slip
Two colored passports
1 Ream foolscaps & 1 Ream photocopy papers
Activity Fee - Ksh 1,000

Academic Requirements

Diploma: C+ (minus) & Above
Certificate: D (plain) & Above
Crafts/Artisan: D- (minus) & Below

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