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Electrical Engineering

This programme is aimed at technically minded people, who have the ability to think logically and put plans into practice.

Just about everything connects to electricity. Every new building, from house to office park, needs electricians to make it work. Older buildings need maintenance, repairs and upgrades.  The global trend to greener, more efficient technology requires electricians to gain experience on new & changing technology. 

Engineering Courses

Course Name Exam Body Duration Fee (Termly)
Electrical & Electronics Engineering City & Guilds 2 Years Ksh 12,000
Plumbing City & Guilds 2 Years Ksh 12,000
Electrical Wire-men (wiring) NITA 1 Year Ksh 12,000

Admission Requirements

Admission fee - Ksh 1,500
Exercise Books, Tshirt, Student 1D - Ksh 3,500
Copy of National ID & KCSE Result Slip
Two colored passports
1 Ream foolscaps & 1 Ream photocopy papers
Activity Fee - Ksh 1,000

Academic Requirements

Diploma: C+ (minus) & Above
Certificate: D (plain) & Above
Crafts/Artisan: D- (minus) & Below

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