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From submitting your application to accepting an offer and enrolling, you’ll find everything you need to know about admissions here. We have Admissions in the months of January/ February, April/ May, July and October

Admission requirements

On Admission Students are required to have the following

1. Admission Letter & Fee Bank slip or Bankers Cheque

2. Copy of Result Slip & ID or Birth Certificate

3. A Ream of Full scarps

4. A ream of Photocopying papers

5. Two Coloures Passports

6. Personal effects for students residing in Hostels


Students Joining Certificate Level are supposed to have atleast grade D- in K.C.S.E and course requirements


Students joining Diploma level are supposed to have atleast grade C- or have sat and passed Certificate level exam of the course 

Short Courses

Short courses are open to all students no matter their K.C.S.E grade.Short courses admissions are weekly


Advanced Diploma

For Admission to Advanced Diploma ,a student must have sat and passed Diploma Exam for the same course

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Fee Payment and banking Details

We dont accept cash.Fee is supposed to be deposited in any of the following accounts

  • Equity Bank : Acc No 0340262147532
  • Co-op Bank Acc No : 01129557843100
  • Bankers Cheque: Transafric Accountancy & Management College

Popular courses

Certified Public Accountant Certified Public Accountant

Full Time  |  2 Years

Accounting Technician (ATD) Accounting Technician (ATD)

Full Time  |  1.5 Years

Accounting Technician (ATD) Accounting Technician (ATD)

Full Time  |  1.5 Years

Accounting & Finance Accounting & Finance

Full Time  |  2 Years

Diploma and certificate courses

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